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    EPSON LW-Pro100

    Kết nối : PC ( 7,vista,xp)

    Dùng Tape rộng : 50-100mm

    Độ phân giải tối đa : 300 dpi

    Tốc dộ in : 20mm/s

    Hỗ trợ : Adapter

    Software:Epson Label Editor software (for PC, download from Epson website)

    Kích thước: 140 x 210 x 290mm

    Trọng lượng: 2 kg

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    Giving You a Wide Range of Durable Labels for Every Need

    The Epson LabelWorks Pro100 lets you customise and print wide format labels with edge-to-edge printing to create larger labels. Choose from a wide range of durable ribbons and olefin-based tapes that are made to withstand harsh environments. The Pro100 includes convenient functions for printing barcodes and QR codes, making equipment labeling, asset tagging and inventory tracking a breeze.

        • Wide format edge-to-edge and extended printing
        • Olefin tape material
        • Choice of pre-cut labels, tapes and ribbons
        • Label-editing software included

    Tape Width :50, 100 mm Die cut labels

    Tape Type:RC Ribbon & Tape Roll

    Wide Format and Borderless Printing
    The Pro100 enables printing of wide format labels in 50mm and 100mm width with convenient printing of on-demand labels with customisable designs and text. Its borderless printing function enables users to combine up to four labels with no margins to create larger labels and eye-catching signs of up to 400mm height while maximising media usage and eliminating waste. 

    High Durability
    Epson tapes are olefin-based for high durability and resistance to environmental exposure or damage from moisture and chemicals, making them ideal for applications in the toughest industrial conditions. A special strong adhesive ensures that Pro100 labels can be applied securely on surfaces and be removed with hardly any residue*.

    * Dependent on environmental conditions and material of the label-applied object, such as materials containing a plasticiser like chloroethene. Be sure of the material of the applying surface and purpose before applying a label.

    Wide Range of Media
    The Pro100 can easily customise label designs according to users’ needs, with the choice of seven colour tapes and five colour ribbons. It also supports printing to pre-cut mailing labels for fast and convenient addressing of documents and packages.

    Perfect Label Deployment
    A special 2-in-1 magnetic label applicator is included with the Pro100. Simply use the integrated leveling bubble to quickly and easily apply perfectly aligned labels every time.

    Media Display Window
    Another convenient feature on the Pro100 is the clear window on the back and front of the printer chassis. This enables users to clearly see the currently installed media, as well as the text ribbon colour and type without having to lift the cover up.

    Ultimate Versatility with Epson Label Editor
    With the bundled Epson Label Editor software, users can choose from over 70 pre-installed templates to create custom labels. Images, company logos and barcodes can be easily inserted onto labels and users can also opt for borderless, edge-to-edge printing to reduce media wastage and create larger labels.

    Easy Installation of Tapes and Ribbons
    The Pro100 is designed for ease of use with simple drop-in and snap-on installation of tape cartridges and ribbons. Installation is quick and easy without any mess.

    Environmentally Friendly
    Epson tape and ribbon media for Pro100 are made with Chlorine-free materials to ensure its safety to both users and the environment.

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